Friday, December 10, 2010

WIkiLeaks - The Atlantic's Brilliant Red Button

It is a simple, yet brilliant idea.
The Atlantic has created a red button where
 you can click through to read a random U.S. Diplomatic cable.
We clicked on the button  
and our random cable was a delightful read.
The button looks like this one below.
Go ahead and read the cable 
about Prince Andrew.

The Atlantic's Random Wikileak Cable Button


DATE: OCTOBER 29, 2008

RUDE LANGUAGE A LA BRITISH -------------------------- 
¶13. (C) The brunch had already lasted almost twice its allotted time, but the Prince looked like he was just getting started. Having exhausted the topic of Kyrgyzstan, he turned to the general issue of promoting British economic interests abroad. He railed at British anti-corruption investigators, who had had the "idiocy" of almost scuttling the Al-Yamama deal with Saudi Arabia. (NOTE: The Duke was referencing an investigation, subsequently closed, into alleged kickbacks a senior Saudi royal had received in exchange for the multi-year, lucrative BAE Systems contract to provide equipment and training to Saudi security forces. END NOTE.) His mother's subjects seated around the table roared their approval. He then went on to "these (expletive) journalists, especially from the National Guardian, who poke their noses everywhere" and (presumably) make it harder for British businessmen to do business. The crowd practically clapped. He then capped this off with a zinger: castigating "our stupid (sic) British and American governments which plan at best for ten years whereas people in this part of the world plan for centuries." There were calls of "hear, hear" in the private brunch hall. Unfortunately for the assembled British subjects, their cherished Prince was now late to the Prime Minister's. He regretfully tore himself away from them and they from him. On the way out, one of them confided to the Ambassador: "What a wonderful representative for the British people! We could not be prouder of our royal family!"

Those #*@&*#% American Journalists. Indeed!

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