Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Rise of the Wicked; the Evil; the Fundamentalist

Oslo Bombing Triage          Photo Credit:  The Guardian
I am stunned.  I should shake it off, it didn't happen here, and not to my children. I could just shrug and say, this is our world today, full of good and evil.  But I can't shake this one.  What is wrong with people that they think it is morally acceptable to shoot and kill young people at a retreat?  Is this what our divisive politics, our partisanship behaviors, our demands without compromise is creating- a fanatical dogma that relies on massacre of innocent children to achieve a goal or confirm a belief?  Where is right and wrong in our daily debate on better governance for the people living on this planet?  Can we no longer expect to have any right to a better life, based upon dignity and respect for our fellow human beings?

We are adrift as a race.  As a person who has spent years enforcing regulations that protect people's safety, their drinking water, their environment, and the health of their children- I am now one of "you people" who is violating a property owner's right to inflict harm on whomever they wish, including themselves. By requiring that laws be respected, because we are nations of law, not men, I am now disrespected.  At some point, I too may fall to a bullet shot from the gun of an angry reactionary.  It is getting scary on this side of the tracks.

The lunatic fringe appears to be growing with loss of the middle class in our country, along with the failure to create a middle class in the Middle East, and with the failed policy of cheap foreign labor and liberal immigration policies in Europe.   They had to exhume Rudolph Hess' body this week after it was learned that NeoNazi's were making pilgrimages there.   These are dangerous people, bent on using violence to change the world to their own vision of Utopia or Armageddon.

They paint slogans of hatred on their car windows, they stand on corners screaming their politics at passing cars, they blow up Federal buildings in Oklahoma, and they murder innocent teenagers in Norway.  This rise of violence from the extreme right is not simply a protest of an unjust war, or a demonstration against economic warfare on the poor by the Corporate and Goverenment elite. This is a war of philosophy, of religious fundamentalism versus a free-thinking people. Whether it comes from the Islamic Fundamentalists flying jetliners into our buildings or from a fundamentalist Christian gunning down children for his insane cause, this is a war upon all free thinking people by an extreme element that is increasing in size.

We owe it to those who died in Oklahoma City, on 9/11 in New York, The Pentagon, Pennsylvania,  London, Spain, India, Africa, Indonesia, Russia, and now Norway- we owe it to those victims and their families who are grieving, to never give in to these radicals.  They are the rot of society and deserve no quarter anywhere in this world. We must become Anti-Fundamentalists - and fight back for our liberty before we are ruled by manifestos written by maniacs. We must support the war on terror, and never stop defending our homeland from the far right and far left. It is time for the Center to rise up. Our destiny as a free people is threatened and our responsibility to defend our liberty is simply too great to ignore. 
Survivors Prepare to Leave Utoya           Photo Credit:

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