Thursday, July 28, 2011

Diffle County: Overheard at the Department of Transportation

Overheard at the Diffle County Transportation Office (DCDOT)
Present: Jim Sokel, Traffic Engineer;  Barry Kline, Permit Officer; Randy Cleveland, Road Foreman

Sokel:  I'm calling in to Demi's for lunch. What do you want?
Kline:   I want lunch
Randy: (looks up) Where are we going for lunch?
Kline:   We aren't going anywhere for lunch
Randy: Well, I'm hungry.
Sokel:  We're ordering in for lunch.
Randy:  Where are we ordering from?
Kline:   From the shoe store.
Randy:  I heard their filet de sole is a little tough
Sokel:  From the dentist
Randy: Extracting food from the dentist.  yummy.
(phone rings)
Kline:  From the Chiropractor
Randy:  Must be serving duck, quack quack
Sokel/Kline:  DEMIS!
Kline:  We're getting lunch from Demi's!  Are you ordering or not?
Randy: (after a brief pause) No, thank you.
Kline:   I thought you said you were hungry.
Randy:  I was.  But not for Demi's.
Kline: What's wrong with Demi's?
Randy: Nothing.  Just don't care for their food.
(phone rings)
Sokel:  Kline, how about if I buy and you fly?
Kline:   Sounds like a plan.
Randy: I'll have a tuna salad sandwich, ripple chips, and a Mountain Dew
Kline:   I thought you said you didn't care for Demi's food
Randy:  You didn't say it was free food.  I love free food from Demi's.
Sokel:   I just want to smack you.
Randy:    If they don't have ripple chips, get me barbecue chips.
(phone rings)
Kline: Randy, answer the phone. That's the third time it's rang and it's your turn.
Randy: Hello, County Transportation....yes?....a tree down on the Kidder road?..
            I'm sorry, everyone is out to lunch.

All characters in Diffle County are fictional. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, especially dead people because they get the most offended, is purely coincidental, or a mistake of mythic proportions for which we are deeply sorry. Written by Rick Fisher Copyright 2011, All rights are reserved under the creative commons license.  My lawyer told me to write this.
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