Monday, September 19, 2011

The River Whispers

You sang your siren song 
tumbled over the ringing rocks
"come in and play", you whispered
your gentle laughter 
dancing under green leaves

But I am tender, old,  in my decline
I have no use for silly water slides
"come in and play", you whispered
splashing gaily at the butterflies

Then I desired you
young buck in love, 
hard and ready, 
ramming for desire,
 ideal man of action, 
"jump in and play" I shouted, overcome
invincible,  the bold power of youth
in my present condition.

The raft was too tiny and small, 
the water too fast
to chance it at all. I relapsed,
floating bean in the shallow end
"come in and play", you danced, your
sunlight prisms trapping the water ripples

A larger boat might suffice
I shall try again, said my youth returning that night
pushed my blow-up kayak into her moat
"Here to play now!"  said the young man goat

She tore at me, razor water flowing down
tossed me over,  a foolish clowning drowned
"come out and play", her words assaulted my ears
violent water whips pulling me beneath her

One more breath,  I shall die from
Rocks of giants, hidden under the river ride
knees and arms flail, racing to escape her wicked course
"come in and play" she taunts me, 
as I lay battered on her stony shore.

Nevermore and never mind, Id rather walk a desert mile,
tame the mountain spine, or perhaps, 
take a lovely summer drive
In that respect, I'd even find wings to fly.

"Come and play with me"  whispered a grinning sky.

Written by Rick Fisher  2nd Revision  Copyright 9/19/11 
The 1st draft can be found here

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