Saturday, August 20, 2011

Diffle County Report: The Jimmy Deagan Story

Diffle County Report: The Jimmy Deagan Story

A story by Rick Fisher 

Jimmy Deagan was an angry kid. His father was a drunk.  It was a family
 tradition. He had his father's eyes too. Tall, dark, and dangerously
handsome, Jimmy could have passed for a All-America High School
quarterback, except for those eyes.  Deep-set under dark eyebrows with
long, black lashes; they were piercingly beautiful. They were painful and angry.
They were unpredictable and deadly. They invited girls to ruin.

When Jimmy was twelve years old, he stole magazines from the local 
drug store. He didn't get caught.  Then he invited Robert (Bobby) Jenkins
 to steal magazines and laughed and ran away, while Bobby sat handcuffed
to a chair, waiting for his parents to take him home.  Jimmy showed that
stupid kid how to steal the wrong way, just for kicks. read more here ...
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