Friday, May 27, 2011

Will Norton Search Update - Friday 5/27/11

Will Norton
Photo Courtesy of The Norton Family

Help Find Will Norton

Search update 1:

We had a great turnout today with over 80 searchers and covered a ton of ground! We're now able to completely mark these areas off of our grid map and focus on other areas.  I was also able to scope out exact path and debris drop areas east and northeast of the destruction zone for possible search targets (thanks to a gracious friend and a willing pilot). This was a tremendous help!

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Search update 2:

We will be searching some additional areas tomorrow and would be thrilled to find ATV or dog capabilities. Stage location: Freeman Hospital West (32nd Street) @ 9:30am. Bring proper gear for searching (ticks are VERY bad, bring tick repellant). Email if you do not have my phone #.


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Search update 3:

Ready to help Will?

1) Join us Friday 9:30am @ Freeman Hospital Cafeteria, groups should come ready to search. If later than 9:30am (but NO later than noon) please text my 513.476.xxxx number (email


2) Join an official SAR or cleanup team at MSSU's Billingsly Hall (taking volunteers 24x7) They will provide you with a bracelet, additional gear, and a bus ride to the grid location to be searched.

Thanks to everyone, time for some rest. see you in the AM.

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