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WikiLeaks- Update on the Rumors, Innuendo, and Karl Rove

Sofia Wilen                                 Source:  Her non-existent blog?
Time for an update on the rumors and small facts that provide a sense of coloring to this sensational story on Julian Assange, the beautiful country of Sweden, his two female accusers- Anna Ardin (the original Belardin), and Sophia Wilen (sometimes spelled Sofia), and Karl Rove.

Not long after their first contact with police, the two women at the center of these accusations retained a top Swedish attorney, Claes Borgstrom.  According to unnamed sources on a site we can not locate at the moment, Attorney Brogstrom began calling and questioning the status of the investigation just as the police were hoping to bury it.  If this rumor proves to be true, then at some point- both women allegedly decided (or someone made a phone call) to elevate the playing field against Mr. Assange.

Claes Borgstrom   Photo: Anders Wiklund/AP
For the record, Attorney Borgstrom asserts that "all men carry a collective guilt for the violence against women..." -WIkipedia.  Between 2000-2007 he was Sweden's Equality Ombudsman under the Minister of Equality. He resigned in 2007 and started a law firm with former Justice Minister Thomas Bodstrom. Sounds like the girls found the perfect attorney for their case.

We are curious as to how a former political secretary for the Brotherhood Movement of the Swedish Christian Social Democrats  managed to retain one of the most powerful attorneys in Sweden.  Is it a coincidence that his partner is the former Justice Minister and prosecutors are descending like hungry wolves on their prey, Julian Assange?

Imagine if this were one of us.  Imagine getting caught up in an similar event.  The whole thing begins to snowball on us.  Uh oh, I think we need to get an attorney. This is becoming much bigger than we are.  Who should we call? Should we try former U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno or former U.S. Attorney Alberto Gonzalez? No, we wouldn't even think of trying that. Besides, we know that we wouldn't get past the first secretary at the front counter. Someone would have to make the call, someone in the know, someone who found us first, was referred to us, was led to us .  Now, who would do that dirty job?

Karl Rove
Suddenly, Karl Rove is mentioned as being involved in this and it all becomes clarion clear.  No wonder this smelled more like a persecution than a prosecution.  Karl Rove is the dirtiest player in the former Bush Administration.  A former Deputy Chief of Staff, Rove was a mainstay in Vice-President Cheney's office.  Every time there was a policy driven to the outside edge of our laws, Karl Rove was seen riding in that car.  Now it is alleged that he is advising the Swedish Prime Minister.  Everything about this rape case becomes tainted with Rove in the picture.  What a surprise. Sweden begins to smell like an enemy combatant, waterboarding, Guantanamo Bay, secret CIA prisons, stolen elections, and unjustifiable wars. Karl Rove involved in this affair? Bad idea, Swedes.

In the meantime, Some bloggers have claimed that the lack of any relevant online information on Sofia Wilen is due to a complete professional cleaning of all information, possibly by her friend, U.S. citizen Seth Bensen.
Seth Bensen  
Seth was studying in Sweden this past year.  Here is a picture of Seth from September, 2010 at the Hyper Island School of New Media, in Kariskrona, Sweden.
Anna Ardin's
Latest Twitter Pic

Wilen is underground, Ardin is playfully tweeting and blogging from her new home on the West Bank-Yanoun, Palestine, where she is working with her Christian Socialist Democratic brethren. (We stand corrected.  Paparazzi will never travel there. Smart girl, good hide-out.) She was @ananymos on twitter for awhile but recently changed her name back to @therealardin.  All is well in Palestine.

This past Sunday, Mr. Assange was labeled a "high-tech terrorist" by Vice President Joseph Biden.  Whatever happened to that transparent government we elected? Say it ain't so, Joe!  The unfolding of this story continues to amaze as much as the diplomatic cables themselves, one day at a time, one country at a time.

Sheep in Yanoun                    Source: http://ardin.se
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