Monday, December 27, 2010

WikiLeaks - Anna Ardin and the Case of the Naked Photograph

Julian Assange, Fully Clothed
She invited friends over for dinner to meet the man who was about to sleep in her bed. After the party, they made love.  Then she asked to take a picture....of her lover....naked.    He agreed, of course. Nothing trumps honesty like vanity.  Today, we learn that a picture may exist, photographed by Anna Ardin, of Julian Assange lying naked in her bed.

All of this strangeness is revealed by Mr. Assange in an interview with The Australian. He believes that he is a sex symbol for women who romanticize his mission. Obviously, he felt a Bond, James Julian Bond responsibility to live up to that reputation. Tragically, while in Sweden,  Mr. Bond Assange  "fell into a hornet's nest of revolutionary feminism."

Portraying himself is a victim, Julian Assange has unkind words for the country where he made love to two different women within a week (and allegedly did not practice safe nor appropriate sex), "Sweden is the Saudi Arabia of feminism,"  he stated in his most recent interview.

Miss A, as she is described by court documents, reinforces Mr. Assange's statement with her own online actions. In October, what was Anna Ardin's profile picture?  The Guy Fawkes mask worn by the anarchist revolutionary "V" from the graphic-novel series V is for Vendetta!   Perhaps Palestine is her shadow gallery?

Source:  Anna Ardin's Twitter Stream

It must be pointed out that Mr. Assange is taking his tamer, yet still scandalous (and ultimately self-revealing) version of the wiki fling within a fling to the press. Wasn't it just a couple weeks ago that he stormed off the ABC set when the questions became a tad too personal?  I believe the term he used was "Tabloid Schmuck"  

For a man who claims to walk with the integrity of the world's truth on his shoulders, Julian Assange has a real talent for derisively labeling people who offend him. Now he intends to play the martyr?  No one will ever mistake Mr.Assange for the man who was actually nailed to a cross. Especially not Miss A., hiding out in the same country where Jesus Christ once walked, preaching truth, and changing the world.

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