Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Here is Rose at the London Bridge

Waterbunny and I were sitting at a restaurant last week. During our dinner, I asked her to point out any couple she wanted and I would write a fictional story about their lives. Waterbunny pointed to a cute, elderly couple who were sitting nearby. They ate in perfect complimentary silence, a testament to their long and loving relationship, or so it appeared to us.

And so began the story of George and Rose....

A good friend and loyal reader from Diffle County (shown above) pointed out that she remembered these type of writing exercises from High School. She suggested a similar writing exercise. Go to a cemetery and choose two names from different headstones and write a fictional story that intertwines the lives of both names. Sounds like fun. In my high school days, our teachers had us write like Hawthorne and Thoreau. It was impossible to be more creative than the classic masters, and so our writings would pale by comparison- pale isn't even a good descriptive term for differences that were galaxies apart. Imagine pimply faced kids trying to mimic Emerson and Yates. Heck, even Mark Twain kicked us in our breeches. You try to write a short story that employs all the descriptive elements of Melville. Good luck and God speed to ya.

Back to sweet George and Rose- I think I may have to spice up their lives or I may become bored with them. Germans are hard to make fun and flamboyant- they are so mach schnellish.

I may have to throw a few gunshots and crocodiles into the mix.

Speaking of crocodiles, Waterbunny and I made a double-or-nothing bet. I already owe her 2 million dollars. I was discussing the history of the old London bridge to Sweetie Angel when Waterbunny poked her bunny nose in and mentioned that the London bridge was now in Arizona. Well, the old London bridge was destroyed after a new London bridge was built 100 yards upstream. The new London bridge was replaced later by a newer London bridge. I bet her the old London bridge was not in Arizona. Except I didn't say "old" London bridge and I did mention the Brooklyn bridge which muddied the water under our bridge bet.

After proving the new London bridge is definately in Arizona, Waterbunny demanded I pay her 4 million dollars, which I currently do not have in my possession. I say the bet is a technical tie. She says I lost. She says I am sly fox. I remind her I am Rooster, not fox. She leaves the room muttering something about the quality of my character. Naturally, I am offended.

And so already we are having a Happy New Year! Hope you are too.

Postscript: I am constantly amazed at the diversity of photographs one can find on the internet. They couldn't find a live model? If the model is fake, is the bridge also fake? It makes sense, doesn't it? Note to CM - ha ha, that really isn't you shown above.
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