Saturday, August 11, 2007

Who Will be the Next News Anchor Star?

We were watching the cross dressers on Larry King and then it was time for Anderson Cooper 360. There was supposed to be a special report about our Marines in Iraq, but it was postponed by the Utah mine story- breaking news - nothing new on finding them, alive or dead breaking news - the owner of the mine lets reporters go inside so he can keep the camera focused on his side of the story - breaking news - Soledad O'Brien will be our host tonight.

The Internet transmits the story faster to us. We already had checked the net and learned of the drill bit either missed the mark or the microphone was broken. We already know the cave-in was either caused by an earthquake or caused an earthquake. All depends on who the reporters talk to.

We already learned there was either enough oxygen for everyone to survive or not enough for anyone to survive. We already learned the part-owner, Mr. Murray, is either a very caring boss or so uncaring the he would fire the first miner who complained about safety. All depends on who the reporters talk to.

We have already learned that this type of mining, the removal of columns that supports the mine ceiling is either very safe or the most dangerous type of mining known to man. All depends on who the reporters talk to.

So far, for all the special coverage and breaking news, the miners are stilled trapped in a tomb of coal and rubble and their chances for survival depend upon who the reporters talk to.

Not wanting to disparage the families of those men who suffer while they wait the good or terrible news, depending on who the reporters talk to, but I would like to see the story of our Marines in Iraq. I would like to see a story of our troops in Afghanistan. I saw one recently, from BBC World news and learned more about the difficulties there than from all the American television reports combined.

What is it about American News that prefers the controversy of opinions over the reporting of facts? Why is our country so celebrity driven that our news reports are more about the news anchor being right there to show us how awesome he or she is?

I liked Anderson Cooper because he showed true heart in New Orleans. He was real. Then the media execs labeled him as the voice of the people, guaranteeing he will have his own show on prime time with a totally cool televisiobn set. Now we spend more time watching him host the show than the stories he is supposed to be reporting about.

Hey Lou Dobbs, you listening? Get off your ass and go out and report the news instead of interrupting your own reporters with your own opinion. I can say that, they can't.

Hey Chris Matthews, stop being so rude to your guests and get your camera and producer and go play hardball in the streets of Baghdad. Hey Wolf Blitzer, get out of your situation room and find real situations and report on them. You guys are a disgrace to good journalism.

Hey television network execs, get your simple minds out of the overnight ratings reports and give us the news. That's all we want. We deserve better. If you want to keep us wathcing, you will have to go back to the basics- report the news - and stop promoting your shows, especially you, Wolf Blitzer.

My father has always said, "You can always turn the tv off." And we will. We don't need celebrity reporters reading us the news on the inernet. You guys will be out of a job. And the only ones you will be able to blame is your inconsiderate selves. Thanks to you, newspapers will never go out of business.

And that's all the news that's fit to print today.

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