Sunday, October 25, 2015

What Happened to My Blog

When I look back at the posts I have written over the past several years, I think I see that 18-year old version of myself- appalled at the injustices of the world, hopeful about the future of the human race, and amazed at the incredible stupidity that pours out of the mouths of adults on a daily basis.

Did I stop writing because I care less, because I am resigned to accept whatever comes, that I've come to accept that stupid people can change history with their stupid and senseless acts and there isn't a damn thing smarter folks can do to stop them - we are outnumbered.  Or maybe we're kind of stupid too. We sure aren't smart enough to pull together and stop the United States of Stupidity from nominating Donald Trump for President.  There is a lot of stupid to go around, it seems.  Maybe that is why I stopped writing.

I'm hardly eighteen. That is more likely the number of years I have left on this fucked up planet. 

I know I've been sidetracked by work, family, music, and video editing. Writing somehow became the last discipline or the last luxury I would afford for myself. That is a shame really because I love to write, to express myself with those wonderful words that flow out of my brain, through my fingertips, onto a keyboard, and then over to you for your  reading pleasure.  

There are only a few of you left. I never had high numbers, except when chasing natural disasters, and always as a person sitting at a computer, hundreds or thousands of miles away from the event- while true heroes raced out and actually helped people, saved lives, buried and mourned the dead.  

Why am I writing now?  I'm restless, my views on the world have changed, matured, darkened. My songs reflect how important love is to me, how important my wife is to my continued existence here.
But they carry a darker undertone, and sometimes a sadness too.  

Another reason to write- Diffle County.  It is high time I bring those stories out of hiding. I am not asking you to hang around and read what I write.  If you do hang around, I thank you deeply and will do my best for you.  Time is valuable and I have no right to waste yours.  

Thank you for the opportunity to write for you. I look forward to the next 18 years. 


Monday, February 23, 2015

We Need Your Help

Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Mutant Mouse Author Social Media Profile List

Here is a list of the social media sites that I am involved with:

My Social Media Landing Page


1.  The Mutant Mouse Chronicles

     Stories real and fictional, poetry, music, commentary, photographs, and more

2.  Dante's Prog Inferno

     Where I share my love for Progressive Rock with other fans


1. - personal page, not likely I'll friend you stranger.

2. Facebook Fan Page - Rick Fisher - features some tunes I may have written


1.  @themutantmouse

2.  @rickdanteradio

Other Sites Worth Mentioning

1.    more original rick fisher music.

3.  Linkedin      um,'s there..3 views in 90 days..and all three are me, I think.

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Yahoo Messenger  rick_dante